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A Face in the Crowd

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Have you ever looked into a crowd of people and picked out one face that seemed stand out above the rest? Maybe this face looked familiar, maybe they just looked a little different than everyone else, or maybe you could sense the Holy Spirit drawing you to that person. Jimmy Davis experienced...

Breaking Barriers: God's Work in Alcobendas, Spain

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  Sometimes we are faced with boundaries or obstacles that seem difficult to overcome. For humans, some of these obstacles can even be impossible. However, the Gospel has no boundaries, no barriers, and on this past mission trip to Spain it became abundantly clear that God defeats every...

QSBC Sits Down with Jeff DeGiacomo

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QSBC recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff DeGiacomo, QSBC Student Pastor, to discuss his completion of seminary and the effect it had on his life and his ministry.   What degree did you complete? I completed a Masters of Divinity from Golden Gate Baptist Theological...

Falls Creek 2015: Working in the Unexpected

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Unexpected—this one word can sum up Falls Creek 2015 for Quail Spring’s students, sponsors, and staff. With camp coming to an end early due to the rain and flooding, nothing seemed to go as planned for anyone, including a few students who had plans that were more than just the next...