A Call To Live Missionally

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Did you know that not all Christians are missionaries? The distinction lies in how you define missionary. In the most simplistic terms, a missionary is a person with a global calling and whose vocation is to make disciples by the Gospel. 

For those not called to global missions, what role do we play in expanding the Kingdom of God? 

This is something our 2018 church-wide theme addresses. Although not all Christians are called to be missionaries, we are all called to live on mission. In Isaiah 6:8, God asks the questions: “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” Our response should be the same as the servant Isaiah: “Here am I. Send me!” 

Just like Isaiah, we too, are called to live missionally with our families, and in neighborhoods and workplaces. We may not be full-time missionaries, but we are still commanded to “proclaim His salvation day after day, and declare His glory among the nations.” (1 Chronicles 16:23-24)

With this new-found understanding, we will begin to see that our Christian calling is still very much intertwined with missions. Living missionally can include going on short-term mission trips, providing financial or prayer support for missions, or simply serving those in your community.

At Quail Springs Baptist Church, we strive to provide opportunities for growth in relation to living missionally. Will you join us as we continue to live on mission together? 

Upcoming "Missional" Activities

June 17 & 24 | Sharing the Faith Confidently with Preston Condra

Sharing our Gospel can be an intimidating prospect, and Christians can often feel unprepared. On June 17th and 24th at 5:30 p.m. in the Chapel, Preston Condra will address these concerns and provide practical steps on how to share our faith with confidence and accuracy. This can be a great first step to begin living missionally.

August 11 | Greet Then Eat Outreach Event

God has given us the people and resources to tangibly touch our community, and this year we are making a special effort to do just that. On August 11th, we plan to greet 2,000 neighbors in 2 hours and highlight resources that QSBC offers them, such as sports leagues for children and support groups for caregivers and those struggling with cancer, addiction, grief, or divorce. Join us in the Fellowship Hall at 9:30 a.m. to distribute door hangers with this information to homes. Afterwards, we’ll go eat with our small group.


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