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Witness — A Theme That Left Students With A Challenge

by Lauren Gibson on June 25, 2019

This year at Falls Creek, students had the opportunity to learn about the mystery of the gospel. In their individual quiet times, QSBC campers also focused on what it means to be a witness for Christ. Seeking encouragement from the gospel, students left camp feeling refreshed and prepared for how they can display Christ in their day-to-day walk.

When we are a witness for Christ, everything in our lives should point towards Him. Our speech, our actions, our purpose, our attitude — everything. Our hope for students at Falls Creek is this summer was that they returned home with a different purpose and outlook, so that they will be able to help point other fellow students to the cross. 

QSBC had a total of 340 students attend camp, with 67 sponsors and 6 youth staff added to the group. It was an unforgettable experience for both campers and sponsors. 

Chase Kliewer, a graduating senior, who attended Falls Creek with QSBC, spoke with us about his life-changing experience at camp. “After 6 years of questions, I finally realized that I did not have a relationship with Christ,” he said.  “I had been living in darkness and pursuing other things of this world out of satisfaction, to fill the God shaped hole in my life.” 

“The Lord had been calling me that entire time,” Chase added. “At Falls Creek after getting many questions answered, I recognized the weight of my sin and knew that the only way to remove that burden was through the power of Christ and declaring that Jesus is Lord. I know now that my sins are forgiven and that the Holy Spirit that is in me will lead me to what God’s will is.”

Chase wasn’t the only one who made a bold decision at camp last week. With Chase included, a total of 23 students moved from death to life, receiving salvation! Also, 24 students received a call to missions and 13 students made other spiritual decisions. While at Falls Creek, 11 students followed through with believer’s baptism in the creek on the campgrounds, and 4 students were baptized the Sunday after camp at church. 

We praise God for moving in and through our students’ hearts at Falls Creek. We are thankful for our students and their love for the Lord. Thank you, church family, for your continuous support and prayer for students and sponsors. Continue to pray for this generation of believers and that they will continue to grow and be on mission for the Lord.


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