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What's Your Spiritual IQ?

by Ray Anderson on January 03, 2019

Intelligence is not something that we can change. However hard we try, we cannot increase our IQ. It is what it is.

For more than a decade a scientist named Carol Dweck has called this accepted wisdom into question, demonstrating that people can improve their intelligence and talents. Carol recites a study in which adolescents increased their IQ scores over a four-year period. The students also experienced changes in their brain structure. Carol says, “Those who got better at math skills strengthened the areas of the brain related to math, and the same was true for English skills.”

Carol also explains that the brain is remarkably adaptive. Like a muscle that gets stronger with use, the brain changes itself when you struggle to master a new challenge. In fact, there’s never a time in life when the brain is completely “fixed.” Instead, all our lives, our neurons retain the potential to grow new connections with one another and to strengthen the ones we already have.[i]

Did you catch that? The brain changes when we struggle and work to master a new challenge. What is true of our mental life is true of our spiritual life. When we work and struggle to mature as disciples, we grow and change. Peter says, “Make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge . . .” (1 Pt. 1:5). Spiritual challenges lead to spiritual progress.

For this reason, 2019’s theme is “Challenge Accepted! Pursuing Jesus with Others.” Our aim is to climb the discipleship mountain together. 

Explore The Theme

Ways to Grow Your Spiritual IQ: 

1. 2019 Landmarks

Scripture shows there are certain characteristics that consistently show up in the life of a maturing disciple. We have summarized these landmarks into the following four activities. We will focus on one activity in each quarter in 2019.

  • Seeking God (January - March)
  • Serving God & Others (April - June)
  • Being Unashamed of Jesus (July - September)
  • Trusting & Obeying Jesus (October - December)

Learn more about the quarterly landmarks.

2. Bible Engagement

As a part of Seeking God, we will dig into Scripture by using the F260 Bible Reading Plan and Bible Reading Plan for Kids.

Discover what the F260 Bible Reading Plan is and how to follow along. The QSBC Children’s Ministry has written a special 30-Day Bible Reading Plan for Kids. Families can pick up booklets from the Children's Department.

3. Scripture Memory

The second aspect of Seeking God involves memorizing Scripture as a church, one passage per month. Download the QSBC 2019 Monthly Memory Verses (PDF).

[i]Angela Duckworth. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance(New York: Scribner, 2016), 192-193, Kindle.




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