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Unashamed of Change

by Ray Anderson on July 04, 2019

I boarded a plane in OKC and sat next to a lady I’ll call Carol. We began to talk, and I learned that she was returning to her home in the northeast.  Unfortunately, after a few minutes Carol discovered that I was a pastor, and she withdrew slightly. She was not religious and appeared uncomfortable talking about it. 

As for me, I was genuinely interested in Carol and her life, and so I asked her questions and listened closely. Before long, she became comfortable again.

After an hour or so, Carol began asking me questions about my life, and I told her about Tina, our kids, and our lives overseas. At one point I said, “My life really changed when I was 19. That transition from high school to college caused me to wonder what purpose there was in life.” Within the next two minutes, I shared how I had found purpose through a relationship with Jesus.

You might not think that Carol would have been interested, but she was actually very attentive. The reason, I believe, is this: I was being vulnerable. It did not feel like I was preaching; it felt like I was sharing something deeply personal. Consequently, it was well received.

This year’s theme is Challenge Accepted! Pursuing Jesus with Others, and the focus in July through September is “Being Unashamed of Jesus.” One way for us to be unashamed is to open up about how Jesus has changed us.

Let me share a few tips for sharing your story.

  • Focus on how Jesus has tangibly changed you, whether at salvation or later in life. Pointing to real change gives testimony that Jesus lives.
  • Set up your story by describing the setting of your life when this change occurred. This makes the story concrete and specific.
  • Practice sharing your story in two minutes. If you can share it briefly, you will find more chances in life to weave your story into conversations.

You can be unashamed of Jesus. Simply be unashamed of how he has changed you!


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