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3 Ways to Identify Your Spiritual Gifts

by Paula Vawter on June 19, 2019

I am passionate about the study of Spiritual Gifts! I believe it is crucial and liberating for every believer to know, understand, and serve within their specific God designed place(s) in the Body of Christ.  It is a HUGE factor in victoriously living a transformed, sacrificial life before God, among fellow believers and within the world. 

As a Christian, you have received one or more spiritual gifts by the Spirit of God. There are a few things you need to know which will be helpful in your pursuit of identifying and understanding your individual spiritual giftedness.   

  1. You can take a Spiritual Gifts Inventory. We will be launching a free, online Spiritual Gifts Analysis on our website in the coming months. Stay tuned and plan to take the test to discover your gift(s). Just remember these are ONLY indicators of what your giftedness might be.
  2. The best way to identify your spiritual gifts is be in the Word AND be in prayer. Ask God to reveal your spiritual gifts to you and ask Him how He would have you use your gifts to further His kingdom. Consider Romans 12:1-2. 
  3. The following will also help you recognize your area of giftedness.

a. Consider the activities you are drawn to in the way of ministry. What are the things you like doing most?

b. Pay attention if others notice certain qualities or abilities in you. What are the things people ask you to do?

c.  Evaluate areas where you feel strongest and most capable. What are your areas of God-given strength or ability?

d. Notice areas where you experience great success and joy. This will point to the ministry area of your
    giftedness.  However, at times you may feel very defeated. Yet you will have the strength and courage
    within to persevere through the tough times, because you know it is your gift. Remember, Satan will
    not let the exercising of your gift go unopposed – so stand firm!

My prayer is each of you will be enlightened and exhorted to embrace who God created you to be as you discover your place in the Body and as we serve God and others together!



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