Day 1: On the Road

Posted by Angela Lee on

The middle school choir tour is off to a fantastic start!  We left the church at 9:00 and traveled straight to St. Louis in 3 vans stopping only a few times for a quick bite of lunch and a few stretch breaks.  We arrived at our hotel and quickly got settled before jumping right into our first rehearsal.  John talked to the kids about all the places we will be singing and the ways we will be ministering to the people there.  After rehearsal, it was time for pizza and then a little free time that included swimming for the girls and then the boys!

Before we ate dinner, one of our sweet 7th grade girls prayed that God would be glorified in everything that we do this week and that He would use us to draw people to Him.  Would you make that your prayer for us in the days ahead as well?  Tomorrow we will be singing at a children's home where we will help the children do crafts and share Bible stories with them.  Another stop tomorrow will be at a retirement center where we will also get to share our songs and visit with the residents.  We have already seen God working in our midst, strengthening relationships within our choir, helping us arrive safely without any hiccups and preparing the way for us in St. Louis.  Thank you for praying for us this week!


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