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As believers we all have been given a mission, and we find our purpose when we embrace it.  So what is our mission?  We think of it this way.

To seek the glory of God and

the good of all peoples

through Jesus Christ

Let’s break this down:

  • “Seek the glory of God.”  We aim to grow in our love for God so that our affection for and awe of him directs our thoughts, attitudes, and actions.  This all-consuming love is the substance of our worship.
  • “Seek the good of all peoples.”  This simple statement has two key ideas.

o   Good. We aim to help people through good deeds and the good news.

o   All peoples.  We seek to witness here and abroad because Jesus commanded us to make disciples of “all nations.”

  • “Through Jesus Christ.”  The only way that we, as sinful creatures, can glorify God and do good is to follow Jesus and carry out our mission through his wisdom, power, and presence.

At QSBC, we carry out this mission locally, regionally, and internationally, and in the process we grow and learn.  If you are not involved, please know that opportunities exist, and consider how God may want you to fulfill your mission through QSBC.