Let QSBC Invest in You

Many college students have been changed forever by going on a mission trip. QSBC wants you to have this experience, and we desire to support you. Money has been set aside to help QSBC college students go.  Simply click on this link to download an application, and then after you have filled it out, send a copy to

A window of opportunity

The Gospel has not changed, nor has the Great Commission. But technology, politics, and economic strength have changed.  When Matteo Ricci served in China as a Jesuit missionary, it took seven years to send and receive a letter. Two hundred years later, William Carey traveled six months before making it to India. One hundred years ago short-term international mission trips didn’t exist. Things have changed.

If God’s priority is the advance of his Kingdom, then we must view the US’s economic strength, our religious freedom, and recent advances in technology as God-ordained means to take the gospel to the edge of lostness. The Father is calling today’s Christians to participate in the Great Commission in ways that were not possible 50 years ago. This is a window of opportunity. We must act while it is open. We must go while we can.