Preschool Ministry

At QSBC, we understand that your child is a special gift from God and the raising and nurturing of that child is an exciting, and sometimes overwhelming challenge and responsibility. Our Preschool Ministry is here to partner with parents during these exciting first six years of life. Your child will be welcomed to a safe and loving environment by teachers who will meet his or her needs for security, acceptance, independence and guidance. Sunday school classes are available for birth thru kindergarten. Age appropriate curriculum is used in all classes because we believe that even the youngest baby will learn attitudes about God and an awareness of His presence in their lives and the world around them. Because preschoolers learn best through play and activities, our preschool ministry doesn’t stop with Sunday school. We want church to be a happy place to learn about God no matter what day of the week it is. Classes for babies and preschoolers are provided during Worship services, adult Bible studies and even during the week for Mother’s Day Out and Preschool.

Things to know when you bring your child to QSBC:

On your first visit, greeters will help you check in and locate the appropriate classroom for your child. Computer kiosks are located in the hallways for you to check your child in on subsequent visits. Your child will receive a name tag that indicates your child's classroom. Preschool parents will also receive a receipt for pick-up, which will need to be presented when you return to pick up your child. Preschool parents will also sign your child in at the classroom door to help us with any health or special care needs. Teachers will be delighted to greet you and your child and to help your child make the transition into the classroom.


To learn more contact Stacie Sherry, our Preschool Ministry Associate.