Family Resources

We are living in a time when things seem to change hourly! Aren’t you thankful our God NEVER changes? We want to share resources with you that will help you in teaching Bible Truths at home. 

LifeWay Resources

1. Kids Ministry 101This website is full of fun ideas and activities to keep every engaged and are Gospel-centered. On this page you will see how to access a second resource called LifeWay’s Digital Pass. This will have activity pages and interactive videos so your kids can watch the same videos they would see on Sunday mornings. Click here to see the website and read how to get the FREE digital pass. 

2. LifeWay's free app: LifeWay Kids. (Search LifeWay Kids in your app store to download.)This will provide you Bible stories, family conversations ideas, daily Bible readings, and on-screen coloring page and activity for each Bible story. After you download the app check out the Spring 2020 issue (the cover has a picture of a girl blowing bubbles). There you can see last Sunday’s story, "Jesus Healed a Woman”, and find all kinds of things that can give you ideas and suggestions for helping your child apply the Bible Truth and Bible readings for the week. 

We hope you all enjoy these resources and that it will help strengthen your family’s spiritual growth. We look forward to the time we can be with our kids in Sunday School/Connect Groups again. If you have any trouble accessing these resources, contact the Children's Ministry staff at Quail Springs at .