Equip Classes

Kelly Minter's Ruth: Loss, Love and Legacy

Time | Every Thursday, from 01/31/2019 to 03/14/2018, 9:30 AM - 11:45 AM

Location | Quail Springs Baptist Church, 14613 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK US 73134

Ruth. The name that chimes a thousand notes of redemption for every woman who has ever been devastated by loss, struggled as a stranger, lived with the bitter, longed to be loved, fought for crumbs, or wept along the journey. She is a flesh-and-blood example of integrity, kindness, purity, commitment, faith and hard work. She is godliness with its sleeves rolled up, expressing her love for God—the One under whose wings she had come to trust.

Join us as we study the remarkable book of Ruth that wraps together the human experience of loss, love and legacy with the divine hope and sovereignty of a redeeming God. From its pages steps a wayfaring foreigner into the town of Bethlehem, amidst hardship and famine and tragedy, affecting the course of human history forever.

Teachers: Terri Hathcock & Shirley Smith

Childcare: Available by reservations to Stacie Sherry at ssherry@qsbc.org

RSVP:  For more information or to register for the class contact Terri at royterrih@sbcglobal.net (QSBC online registration is not available for this class.)

Cost: $13.00 (Study Guide)