Discipleship Classes

At Quail Springs Baptist Church, we view disciple making as the essential calling of every believer. It is not an optional program for the spiritually elite, but rather the basic ministry of all believers. Each of us is on a wonderful journey in life as we walk daily with Jesus Christ growing in our faith in Him. God’s great desire for His Church is that every believer, without exception, would come to be like Him (Romans 8:29). Quail Springs Baptist Church desires to assist each Christian to strive to maturity. We count it a privilege to be a part of helping men, women, boys and girls as they undertake this incredible “Journey” of a personal, daily relationship with God’s Son – Jesus Christ.

Because we believe disciple making is our mission we seek to make growing in Christ easy to understand, so that everyone can participate! Through our Discipleship Classes (previously called Life Enrichment), any believer can begin to see real results as they commit their lives to following Christ. So choose today a seminar that is right for you and watch how God changes your life.

Our Pastor and staff welcome you and will be praying with you as together we seek to enjoy an “enriched life through Christ.”