2017 Theme: Breathe

"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord"


Our church has experienced many changes in the last few years. We have built a new educational wing, constructed a beautiful fellowship hall, purchased land, opened a worship center, and acquired The Hill. Our worship and small group attendance has grown by hundreds and and hundreds. We have adjusted worship service times and locations, added a new hour of small groups, and transitioned small groups to different times and places. Change has been the norm for us, and because of that, we need to take time to breathe.


 In 2017 we will breathe in three ways. To accomplish this, we will split the year into thirds and use each four month period to focus on one aspect of the theme. First, we will reflect on what God has done and give thanks. Second, we will take time to rest and create margin in our lives. Third, we will refocus on the mission and prepare for 2018. Through this theme of Breathe we hope to focus on God's work in the life of church, our families and our personal walk with him throughout 2017. 

Reflect and give thanks (January-April)

During the first part of the year, we will reflect on what God has done in our corporate and individual lives. This will lead us to give thanks for and celebrate his goodness to us. Each week during this four month period we will focus on a different area in the life of our church that God has grown and changed over the years. Whether this is people, purpose or property, we will take a look at how God has moved at QSBC. 

Rest and Create Margin (May-August)

In the middle of the year, we will make rest a priority and create margin. We will slow down and recuperate. 

As part of this focus, we've made a guide available for you to download. Take some time in solitude this month!

Download June's Rest and create Margin Guide Here

You can view May's Guide Here.

Refocus on the Mission (September-December)

In the last portion of the year, we will look ahead and discern what God will have us do to join him on mission. This is a time to prepare to serve him in 2018.